Workshops & Teaching

A singing & harmony workshop for people of all abilities, voice parts and genders

Monday nights Feb 5, 12, 19 and March 5, 12, 19   ////   7-9 pm in West Philly
Sliding scale $72-120 for the series ($12-20/class)

This is what we’ll do!:

  • Explore the basics of good singing, including: strengthening our core muscles, using good physical support & breathing techniques, developing kinesthetic awareness and exploring different vocal styles
  • Work on harmony singing techniques – how to find and hold your note, how to create your own harmony parts, how to develop ensemble awareness & make music collectively
  • Learn a bunch of fun music & sing it together. We’ll sing rounds, choral arrangements of familiar songs, and music by contemporary queer musicians.

This class is for anyone who loves to sing, anybody who wants to learn singing basics or expand their skills, and any harmony freaks out there in the house. Anybody who used to be in middle school chorus. Folks who feel shy about singing or who feel like they “can’t sing” are encouraged to attend!

On gender & singing:
We’ll use relative language to describe voice parts (high part, low part, etc) instead of gender-specific language to sort ourselves into harmony groups. All genders welcome. Emily has experience working with singers taking testosterone.

About Emily:
Emily Bate is a singer & composer. Since her mother is a voice teacher & conductor, she spent just about her entire childhood in choir. She composes harmony-driven music for theater, and plays in several bands in Philly. 

Class is limited to 12 people. To register, email ebatester at gmail

I also teach private voice lessons on a sliding scale. Email me for more info!