Emily Bate is a Philadelphia-based singer, composer and harmony fanatic.

Recent projects include choral theater piece Going Down Mount Moriah, and several shows with frequent collaborator Erin Markey: Boner KillerDuets and the anarcho-musical A Ride on the Irish Cream, which she co-composed and performed in. The music in A Ride on the Irish Cream was “accessible, often punchy pop-rock” (New York Times), whose “soaring musical numbers” (Artforum) were “startlingly gorgeous, and packed with heavenly harmonies” (New York Post).

Current bands include The Lesbian Wedding Band, Jonagold, indie rock band The Bells, and kid rock The Cat’s Pajamas, and Slow Learner. Emily has collaborated with playwright MJ Kaufman, The Bearded Ladies, and filmmaker Catherine Pancake, among others.

Emily’s list of 10 Fun Things To Do In The Summertime Ft. Phoebe.


Photo credit Joe’s Pub